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No Print Management
Zero, nada, none.

That's how much print management you'll need with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud. 


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YSoft SAFEQ Cloud - No Print Management

Say hello to NPM,
No Print Management

Just say NO to print management. From print management nightmares to cloud-based dreams, we've got you covered. Let SAFEQ Cloud take care of the hassle and liberate your IT team to focus on more meaningful work.

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Cheaper than mental healthcare
for your IT team

Stop bending over backward to manage print. Whether it's adding users, updating print drivers, or patching security holes, SAFEQ takes care of it. No more riffling through stacks of documentation or managing a Helpdesk–we've got you covered.

Happy IT

Flexible solutions that grow with you

YSoft SAFEQ is a SaaS platform suited for any business. No matter how simple or complex your IT
environment is,
we've got a future-proofed print software solution for you.


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Avoid errors & save time with
Multi-vendor Scanning

SAFEQ gives you the ability to capture, deliver and store documents with precision–while cutting down on costs and manual work. With OCR technology and automation, our scanning takes care of everything from capture to distribution, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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SAFEQ Scanning

Got a mixed fleet of printers?
We don’t play favorites!

SAFEQ seamlessly integrates with numerous brands and environments. We've partnered with all major print manufacturers to deliver vendor-agnostic solutions, no matter how complex your infrastructure is. 

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Vendor agnostic

Your safe place in an unsafe world

SAFEQ is built to mitigate risk and protect every inch of your print architecture. From internal threat scanning to securing users and protecting data - we’ve got you covered.

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User authentication Y Soft

Take global control and see it all

Unify and centrally manage your entire print fleet through our intuitive and comprehensive web-based interface. You control everything - all printers and users, from a single pane of glass. 

Cloud Print Management YS

Accelerate digital transformation–your way

Y Soft makes future-proof solutions available to you now. Adopt a technology solution that grows with you as your business grows or needs change. Accelerate your digital transformation at your pace, your way – with little to no downtime. 

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Over 30K happy customers

Don't just take our word for it when we say we love the platform we’ve built! Instead, here are a few stories from the people who use and love the platform. 


Mark ArmstrongGroup ICT Manager, Omex

"SAFEQ Cloud is delivering significant cost savings. But more importantly, we now understand exactly where we are making those savings. The data is the most powerful part of the solution and gives us the ability to pull off reports and analyse how print is being consumed. This will help us continue to control the cost of print and shape our future decision-making – that’s something we have never had before."

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Tom LuinstraICT Manager, Ambiq

"We no longer need to utilize VPNs for print, that's the biggest advantage for us and one that’s delivered an annual saving of about €50,000. And from the user point of view, one of the big things was that it was easy to authenticate at the device and quickly retrieve print-outs. We haven't had a lot of calls to the helpdesk, so I think it's safe to say everyone is happy with the solution!"

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Kim OlsenProject Manager, Lyngby-Taarbaek Municipality

"SAFEQ Cloud has removed one of the biggest pain points with multi-vendor print environments—the time required to install printers on numerous devices and update multiple print drivers. SAFEQ Cloud’s full-featured single driver is designed to work across all models and all brands. The transition was so smooth that the majority of end-users didn’t realise that there had been a change and the helpdesk received no calls for help."

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Grégory HermansIT Manager, Brusafe

"With SAFEQ Cloud, we don't have to manage the printing service, technical configuration, print servers, troubleshooting, or stay on top of security patches—it’s all handled on our behalf. We've done the initial set up and it’s now automated so we can just enjoy the system."

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John SchweighardtCIO, Intracoastal Realty

"As a small IT department, the only way we could support the business’ growth trajectory was to streamline processes and automate as much as we can. Everything is so much simpler now. When we hire a new agent, we simply load the software from the intranet, and they are connected to the print infrastructure without having to come into the office."

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Josh MitchellLead, Blucora Infrastructure Engineering

"We worked with EveryonePrint in order to streamline the process of linking everything into the single authentication method, no matter where you were. What impressed me was the responsiveness, the willingness, and the desire to see this work for us."

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We support

Here are some of the major print manufacturers we're partnering with to create embedded applications that cut the cost and time associated with secure print deployment and ongoing management.

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