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Supercharge Productivity with Location-Aware Printing

Location-aware printing allows printing from various networks

Location-aware printing ... Sounds similar to network printing. But is it? Companies worldwide are welcoming employees back into the office alongside the advent of hybrid work set-ups as the ‘new normal’. This semi-return to normal has brought back an age-old problem.

How can users get access to multifunctional print devices and printers across different locations?

Having seen the many benefits of remote work for employees and businesses,, many organisations are embracing hybrid working models. People are hardly based full-time in one location. Some are traveling between different offices (as well as working across various departments) and IT administrators have to manage a fresh influx of helpdesk calls from individuals who can’t connect to network printers.

Location-aware printing goes a step beyond network printing and allows seamless network and printer connections in different locations without the need for IT involvement. With a simple connection to the network, available printers automatically become accessible to the user.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of location-aware printing. Specifically, we’ll discuss how it can help organisations supercharge productivity and address common print issues.


What Is Location-Aware Printing?

Location-aware printing allows users to easily access printers within a particular network on a wireless connection. With location-based printing, IT departments can easily manage printers across multiple locations. End-users can also print securely without having to worry about print queues or troubleshooting overworked printers.

It conveniently addresses the need for end-users who work across different locations to automatically switch to printers at their location. Traditional print infrastructures typically require you to install print drivers and set up new devices every time, including having to manage device and printer settings. With location-aware printing, the printer availability transition happens autonomously.

By enabling a cloud printing solution, organisations can simplify print management and effectively reduce the burden on IT departments.


Benefits of Location-Aware Printing

Aside from simplified device management and ease of use, location-aware printing has a couple more benefits that interested organisations can delve into:


Reduced Costs

A cloud-based printing feature such as location-aware printing eases your wallet in multiple ways. Among these are:

  • Savings from less backup and individual printers needed per employee
  • Less spending on paper and toner due to fewer printing mistakes
  • Lower maintenance and support costs


Reduced IT Load

IT departments are typically bogged down by helpdesk calls for print troubleshooting and installation concerns. With that, they’re forced to focus on active print management and maintenance. On the other hand, a centralised print infrastructure reduces IT load, allowing them to focus on tech-related, mission-critical tasks that support the business.


Increased Productivity

Speed and ease of use facilitate and help supercharge productivity due to fewer errors and more agile network printing. Without worrying about technical printing requirements or location concerns, employees can work more efficiently from any location. They can trigger print jobs from their mobile devices and access documents wherever convenient.

Ultimately, IT departments get to leverage a short path to digital transformation that allows them to securely store data in the cloud and enjoy a productive hybrid workforce that can uphold the security values of employers by mitigating the risks of the previously difficult-to-regulate home office working environment.


Enable Location-Aware Printing With SAFEQ Cloud

With Y Soft, we want to make print less complex. We know it can be challenging for IT to accommodate users who work across several locations and require access to different devices. Print management is time-consuming for IT. Also, it can be frustrating for employees who find they can’t print when they need it.

 With the location-aware printing feature in SAFEQ Cloud, it’s easy to ensure that users can securely access default printers regardless of network or location. SAFEQ Cloud simplifies print fleet management and enables easy printer access without IT intervention.

SAFEQ Cloud’s location-aware platform automatically discovers and shows end-users available printers at their current location. This feature allows them to connect the printer and print immediately, wherever they are. Available printers are automatically added, and unavailable ones are removed. The only printers you see, are the ones you can use then and there.

Location-aware printing increases efficiency and print security as it is virtually impossible for users to print from a device that is not at their current location. With SAFEQ Cloud, it’s easier to manage printer deployment, configure default settings, and control access from a central point.


Easier Administration

SAFEQ Cloud lessens the load on IT, plain and simple. How so? SAFEQ Cloud simplifies print fleet management, enables printer access without IT intervention, and eliminates time-consuming helpdesk calls. Hence, IT teams have more time to work on critical tasks.

With our hybrid cloud printing solution, there’s no need for IT administrators to map and assign print queues for users. SAFEQ Cloud can help reduce print-related helpdesk tickets and eliminate the need to set up new printers for each location. The SAFEQ Cloud PC Client automatically manages devices based on administrators’ settings.


Simplify Printing

By removing print driver and printer mapping requirements, SAFEQ Cloud streamlines and simplifies the user onboarding process. Employees don’t have to waste time configuring or setting up new devices. They can get straight down to work without having to scroll through multiple printers and drivers.

In a nutshell, SAFEQ Cloud makes printing less complex and lessens the burden on IT team members. There’s also the additional value-add to the bottom line. Organisations benefit from cost savings associated with allocating expensive IT resources for administration and ongoing support for the print infrastructure.



FAQs on Location-Aware Printing

Q1) Do Cloud-Based Tools Improve Printing?

Cloud printing solutions offer various improvements to traditional means of printing. With higher availability, security, and less work for in-house IT departments, cloud-based printing tools pave the way for a simplified, robust IT infrastructure. Features like location-aware printing, mobile print, pull printing, and serverless printing, cloud print solutions improve the quality of businesses' entire print and IT ecosystem. 


Q2) What does a Print Cloud Solution Solve?

Firstly, cloud printing software helps solve issues with maxed-out capacity in IT departments by cloud providers taking on print maintenance on behalf of IT teams. Cloud solutions are more robust and secure, which solves the issue of everyday infrastructure malfunction and print troubleshooting, and offers users a reliable print setup that won’t let down.

With the many problems cloud printing solves, no wonder 58% of businesses state that cloud migration of IT services is either very or extremely important to them.


Final Points

If your business operates from multiple locations, branches, or even countries — why not look into cloud printing with SAFEQ Cloud? We offer a full 30-day free trial of the software with no upfront commitment or investments. With SAFEQ Cloud, you can make accessing printers seamless for everyone printing, regardless of their location or network.

Instead of a massive leap of faith, take a deliberate first step towards cloud printing with our guided demo. If you want the best first-hand experience with the product, our experts are ready to guide you.

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