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Manage Cloud Print with Cutting-Edge True Cloud Solutions

Manage cloud print with state of the art true cloud solutions

Should you opt for an online infrastructure to fully manage cloud print for you? The digital revolution is here to stay for a while still. This becomes obvious when you realise that by 2024, cloud spending in enterprises will make up 14% of IT revenue globally, and by 2025, the public cloud computing market will be worth $800 billion.

Now is the time to consider adopting a cloud print solution and bid adieu to traditional on-premises systems in an effort to reduce the pressure off IT and meet your digital transformation goals. This is where next-generation technology like ‘true cloud’ comes into the picture.

True cloud offers opportunities to migrate every inch of an IT infrastructure to the cloud. In terms of print, true cloud incentivises the ability to run government- and enterprise-level secure services for all company sizes from a scalable cloud platform, free from on-premise infrastructure dependency.

More cloud providers are focusing their efforts on being true cloud enablers. Read on to learn how you can manage cloud print from a multi-tenant, true cloud setup, and how print pioneers like HP and Konica Minolta make moving print to the cloud a breeze.

Manage Cloud Print with True Cloud Solutions

While many of our customers choose a hybrid solution that lets them manage their print partly in the cloud and partly on-premise, we are seeing a trend of companies looking to expand to a full-featured cloud-first strategy with a cloud print solution embedded in their IT infrastructure.

Unlike hybrid migration, the unique element of true cloud print systems is that they are entirely run from the cloud without any on-premises dependencies. Here’s a run-down of the 6 key attributes that make up true cloud solutions like SAFEQ Cloud:

  1. The solution can seamlessly be deployed from anywhere 
  2. The only on-premise infrastructure necessary is the printers themselves 
  3. The print software provider manages updates and patches 
  4. The platform offers a similar experience and service regardless of the vendor 
  5. True cloud removes the need for additional components such as VPNs 
  6. The solution support cloud-based user authentication (like Okta, Azure, and more) 



The Benefit of Managing Cloud Print with True Cloud

To manage cloud print effectively and unlock new levels of flexibility while making your print infrastructure more resilient, you’ll need a public, multi-tenant, true cloud setup. With SAFEQ Cloud, we connect your print infrastructure with the latest cloud technology to help your business become an intelligently networked workplace.

Here are the benefits to yield from a full-fledged cloud solution:


True Cloud Solutions are Cost-Effective

A true cloud print system helps reduce costs to a large extent since your organization is not required to manage its technical infrastructure. You effectively pay a fixed monthly fee based on your company’s unique needs and are not required to pay for additional unused capacity.

With a cloud software license, upgrades and maintenance are included in your deal, meaning that you’ll never need a buffer for unexpected costs related to your print infrastructure.


Cloud Infrastructures are Extra Resilient and Safe

When migrating to cloud, there are inevitable, major considerations you’ll have to make. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that true cloud solutions that manage print exclusively from the cloud are secure beyond any other technology.

True cloud solutions have adroit IT operations teams available to manage the software from secure, reliable, and compliant data centers that bring consistent service, advanced data privacy protection, and security measures to all customers- wherever you are.

Want to learn more about how we work with security? Find out here how we protect your data with a zero-trust print approach.


Get access to the Latest Version Always

A true cloud system is built from the ground up and developed to function in the cloud with ideal performance. True cloud vendors like HP, Konica Minolta, and FujiFilm manage and oversee the software in their inherent secure multi-tenant cloud environment. Customers then have access to the cloud environment - the same real-time, up-to-date version.

No matter where you are, where you’re headed, or what device you’re using, you’ll have easy access to the latest version of your cloud print infrastructure–made possible with pure cloud embedded terminals.


True Cloud Systems are Flexible and Scalable

There are many great things to be said about true cloud solutions. One of the capacities that deserve extra recognition is the fact that they allow you to accelerate your digital transformation and cloud journey—at your pace, your way. Because true cloud systems are scalable, they allow businesses to grow and easily expand their cloud print services as needed. This allows you to oversee cloud print effectively, no matter the extent.

Being more flexible increases your ability to innovate faster, adapt quicker, and, ultimately, boost your business growth.


True Cloud Solutions Offered by Our Partners

True cloud advancements have made it a sleek process for ideal partners to launch their cloud-based, multi-tenant software-as-a-service printing solutions as well. By working with industry leaders like HP and Konica Minolta (KM), we can deliver next-generation technology today.

True cloud solutions ease the burden to manage cloud print

Our Pure Cloud solution connected to the HP Workpath platform or KM IWS platform allows a completely seamless deployment without the need for any on-premise infrastructure. As a result, it has never been easier to enhance our customers' cloud journey by connecting their whole printing infrastructure to the cloud and transitioning their IT infrastructure from paper-based workflows to digital.

Pure Cloud removes the requirement for any on-premise elements (like gateways). Instead, you can smoothly and quickly set up the communication between the license and the MFP.


FAQs on True Cloud Solutions


1) What is True Cloud (and True Cloud Solutions)?

As a whole, True Cloud is a term coined for multi-tenant SaaS solutions, a type of cloud architecture that involves multiple users (or ‘tenants’) utilizing the same version of a piece of software. They can then use it to store applications, data, and other requirements while keeping data access restricted to authorized users. With true cloud solutions, the software provider manages the infrastructure on behalf of customers.

True cloud solutions are when vendors offer access to a multi-tenanted cloud platform. They then have full ownership of the running and maintenance of the software, hence reducing costs for customers. Each company gets its own unique application from the cloud platform where they keep ownership of their data and can enjoy up-to-date software functionality at any given time.


2) Does SAFEQ Cloud Support True Cloud Technology?

Yes, SAFEQ Cloud supports next-gen technology, i.e., true cloud. SAFEQ Cloud offers a variety of print architectures, where a true cloud solution is one option. We offer a full-featured, multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure, as well as a private and hybrid, and our platform is created to run with true cloud or hosting embedded features and integrations.

To make sure you’re choosing what’s best for your business in terms of true cloud versus cloud hosting, dig deeper into your different print management solution options here:

Pick Between Public cloud, on-premise private cloud, or hybrid cloud


Final Points

Accelerating your digital transformation journey with top-shelf, future-ready technology ensures you won’t have to make software changes as your business scales. This is why IT cloud solutions are a great next step for digitalizing office infrastructures and modernizing your IT department.

Migrating to cloud-first infrastructures is a significant process that inevitably demands some level of time investment, so you should be familiar with your platform before the buy-in.

This is why we offer a full 30-day free trial of our SAFEQ Cloud. Leverage a guided demo and free trial license for a full month and once it’s concluded, set up your new cloud-first print infrastructure in no less than 10 minutes!

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