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Fransbank Group Case Study

Customer Profile

Operating in ten countries around the globe, Fransabank Group is one of the oldest and leading banks in Lebanon. With over 3,000 employees and ranked first in its network of local Lebanese agencies Fransabank Group offers the national community all types of banking products and services. These include Corporate Banking, Investment and Private Banking, Consumer Banking, SMEs, Insurance and Savings.


Fransabank were looking to centralize its print management across its 124 Lebanese branches and global offices with the goal of reducing costs, optimizing the print environment, and enhancing staff efficiency and productivity. This strategic move allowed Fransabank to streamline operations and leverage the benefits of a centralized print management system, gaining a competitive advantage in the banking industry.

Fransabank specifically sought a solution that would offer comprehensive functionality for controlling and monitoring the usage of printing devices through customizable print rules. As a financial institution, Fransabank also prioritized a robust security management system to safeguard its highly sensitive and confidential data. The solution they desired needed to address these requirements effectively, ensuring both efficient print management and reliable data protection.


A total of 269 YSoft SafeQ licenses were purchased over a six-month period. The key features that attracted Fransabank were:

  • A Central web-based interface, easy to use and manage the entire print network for the Administraton
  • Cost assignment functionality (branch, department)
    Budget and quota management
  • Central tracking of user activity to minimize the risk of uncontrolled access
  • Scan, save and share documents electronically, reducing paper and energy costs
  • On-demand customized and detailed management reporting (including, by branch, by device, by user, B/W and Color)
  • Unification of the fleet with a friendly UI, so users can easily access from any branch or location
  • An automated E-notification setting for toner replenishment.

Khaled Dankar, Deputy Head of ICT & Projects, Division – ICT Production, Environment Department ICT & Projects Division said: "Konica Minolta, Copytech and Y Soft worked closely to deliver a complete solution that solved all our requirements. From design to implementation, and now the ongoing management of the solution they have kept it simple and hassle free for us.”


As well as reducing costs, Fransabank was able to realize the many benefits of centralizing its print management across all its locations which also improved consistency across the group. The benefits to date include:

  • Cost-reduction opportunities
  • Efficiency and improvement of printing processes
  • Breadth and depth of print management reporting
  • Security of printed and scanned documents
  • One technology for all the fleet, simplifying the usage for all users in all branches
  • Reducing costs for logistics ordering and stock level (e.g. consumables)
    Monitoring the entire fleet from one single point
  • Error and alerts notifications replace the heavy tasks of the monitoring 
 “Konica Minolta, Copytech and Y Soft worked closely to 
deliver a complete solution that solved all our requirements.”

By working with Konica Minolta, Copytech and Y Soft, the Fransabank Group was able to meet all its requirements. In addition, they were able to simplify the ongoing management of their print environment releasing their IT team from the day to day management to focus on activities that impact the strategic direction of the organization.