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SSI Schäfer Case Study

SSI Schäfer storage place

Customer Profile

SSI Schäfer is the leading provider of warehouse and logistical systems worldwide. The services offered include everything from concept design to warehouse equipment with products from their production to the realization of complex logistics projects as the prime contractor. 

At SSI Schäfer, about 550 employees use 50 multifunctional devices (MFD). Twenty-five of these machines were equipped with the Authentication module of YSoft SAFEQ 6. The already existing ID cards are used to authenticate the machines for managing print jobs, scan jobs, and copy jobs. This results in a reduction in paper and toner and protects sensitive data.


The following problems occurred:

  • Addressed data security threats by tackling uncollected print jobs with sensitive information. Employees were sending print jobs with sensitive data that were not picked up, which was a threat to internal data security.
  • Another problem occurred in the administration. Simplified printer fleet and consumable management. Too many different printer models and manufacturers caused many difficulties and an unmanageable amount of storage. Reducing the variety of printer models and manufacturers simplified printer fleet and consumable management consumables.

A few Xerox models replaced all machines with Managed Print Service. 25 MFD were equipped with YSoft SAFEQ 6 Authentication and the Print Roaming module to avoid print jobs not being picked up. 


How does this work in the real world

The print job is sent to the cloud and can be picked up at any machine. Users identify themselves with their card and the external card reader (terminal) on their favorite device and immediately get a listing of their sent print jobs. Users can choose to print all or only a few jobs. The print jobs remain available to the employee for 48 hours. After that, they are deleted from the server to free up disk space.


Because meetings at SSI can be held in different buildings, it was necessary to enable print job pick-up on all machines. This is also the great advantage of the roaming function. Since print jobs can be accessed on all machines, all important information is always readily available.

The YSoft SAFEQ 6 Reporting module enables an overview of all costs, which can be analyzed on a per-employee, department, or project basis.


However, a print roaming function is not effective for each department. Therefore, direct print is possible, for example, in the receiving area, to avoid authentication for each and every delivery slip. With only a few steps, which departments have this authority can be decided. This fosters the productivity of individual company divisions.


Authentication provides security of sensitive data and cost savings.

Because every employee had an ID card, it also made sense to use these for authentication. With the external terminal from YSoft SAFEQ 6, we can access our print jobs without a single click. The wastebaskets near the machines have been a lot less full since then. We simply print only the documents we really need – on any printer within the network.

Walter Lindsberger, IT Helpdesk, SSI Schäfer

The print roaming function results in true time and cost savings in day-to-day operations. On the administration side, the management effort can already be reduced after a short time because the Managed Print Service automates every toner order.