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HP and Y Soft

Embed SAFEQ Cloud into your HP Multifunction Printer

SAFEQ Cloud enables HP multifunction device users to let go of print management with HP-managed print services

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Your print infrastructure
–in great hands

YSoft's SAFEQ Cloud infrastructure enables any company using HP Workpath or OxPD devices to successfully let go of print management and secure their printing environment. The software solution enables users to leverage an easy-to-use, reliable, and secure print setup.

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SAFEQ Cloud simplifies and streamlines
HP multifunction printer environments


Pick the best HP Platform to engage with SAFEQ Cloud

SAFEQ Cloudprompts the installer to choose between HP OxPD's and the multi-tenant true cloud solution, HP Workpath.

Simply jump to the 'Embedded' section of our admin interface to configure and deploy embedded release terminals for your MFPs.

  • Completely serverless solution
  • Configure and manage your print fleet from our web-based interface
  • Administrators can deploy new devices in a matter of minutes
  • Control who access the printer by granting and removing access rights to users

HPHP Workpath

By working with industry leaders like HP, Y Soft can deliver next-generation, true cloud technology to your business today. With true cloud, there's no need to adapt print environments by installing gateways.

SAFEQ Cloud-embedded HP Workpath comes great print efficiencies:

  • Seamless deployment
  • Impressive time and cost savings
  • Intuitive user experiences
  • Simplified document processing
  • Reduced risk of data-entry errors
  • Best-in-class security between endpoints
  • No need to hire IT engineers for installations

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One of HP Open Extensibility Platform (OXP)'s three tiers of enterprise software development is OxPD, enabling your solution to go beyond simple document workflows. This is the regular embedded application.

OxPD follows the true web application model which allows the application logic to reside on a remote web server.

  • Native functionalities
  • Impressive time and cost savings
  • Intuitive user experiences
  • Simplified document processing
  • Reduced risk of data-entry errors
  • Strongest security between endpoints

Find compatible devices here

A unified interface

Here's a look at how the SAFEQ Cloud display looks on your HP Multi-function printer panel.
The overview panel makes it extremely easy to find and select the type of document handling needed and get your print job through.

SAFEQ Cloud is easy to navigate and offers straightforward access to the MFP's different functions.

HP Workpath

How to print with SAFEQ Cloud through HP Workpath

HP offers a variety of print solutions, one being HP Workpath. This is their true cloud (cloud-native) solution made to transform office MFPs into a platform for continuous innovation. This type of print software can seamlessly be deployed from anywhere, removes the need for additional components (such as VPNs), and is automatically running on the latest version.


The full HP Workpath tour

Here's how SAFEQ Cloud works for your HP workpath MFPs. With SAFEQ Cloud installed on your HP devices, you'll be able to manage, track, and control all printing within your organisation from one intuitive user interface. In short, you'll have a simplified print experience.

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Partner comments

Partnered with HP, we help customers seamlessly migrate their existing on-premise print environment to a cloud-based service on HP MFP printers.

Whether you have HP multifunction printers across your entire organisation or have HP devices in a mixed fleet, HCP can be integrated to help centrally manage your print fleet and reach a consistently great user experience.

Carles FarreGlobal Head of Print Services and Solutions



Eric EtnyreGlobal Alliance Manager



Your HP secure print software solution

User Authentication

Avoid print-related security breaches. By installing SAFEQ Cloud on your HP MFP, you have the opportunity to secure users and enhance user authentication.

Pull Printing

HP-managed print services (MPS) come with a host of security assurances. By including SAFEQ Cloud, you get to leverage its rock-steady pull printing feature.

Data Protection

Protect company data with Zero-Trust and end-to-end encryption. With SAFEQ Cloud, your infrastructure reaches full compliance with data protection regulations.

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Manage cloud print with cutting-edge true cloud solutions

HP Workpath is a cutting-edge true cloud solution. Opting for a solution like Workpath is an opportunity to amp up your print scalability, reduce costs, and make your infrastructure extra protected. Best of all? It removes the requirement for any on-premise elements (except the printer).

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Icon Awards

PrintIT Award for Mobility 2020

Y Soft was awarded the 2020 PrintIT Award for Mobility. This was awarded to the best mobile printing solution that delivers a cost-effective platform that offers productivity-enhancing features, is easy to use for end-users and admins, convenient, and secure.

Icon Awards

HP Sales Achievement Award 2021

Y Soft received the “Sales Achievement Award” at the 2021 HP Developer Partner Conference for creating a unique solution for HP Workpath that enabled them to capitalise on the shift to cloud and to do things that many of HP’s competitors were struggling to do.

Icon Awards

HP Workpath Innovation Award 2022

At the HP Developer conference 2022, we were awarded the “HP Workpath Innovation Award” for creating a pioneering solution for HP Workpath’s users with future-ready features that speak to the current and future needs of our software’s users.