Gateway: Not a Valid Hostname

How to Configure a Valid Hostname for SAFEQ Cloud Gateway Setup


When trying to save Gateway settings, the following message is displayed: Hostname is not a valid hostname!


This error may occur when attempting to record a gateway hostname that begins with digits instead of letters. As outlined below, SAFEQ Cloud adheres to the initial RFC regulations for hostnames.

The Internet standards (Requests for Comments) for protocols specify that labels may contain only the ASCII letters a through z (in a case-insensitive manner), the digits 0 through 9, and the hyphen-minus character ('-'). The original specification of hostnames in RFC 952 disallowed labels from starting with a digit or with a hyphen character and could not end with a hyphen. However, a subsequent specification (RFC 1123) permitted hostname labels to start with digits. No other symbols, punctuation characters, or white space are allowed.