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Cloud-native print infrastructure

SAFEQ Cloud makes streamlining your print
eliminating print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies fast and easy.

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Let your print infrastructure soar in the cloud

YSoft SAFEQ cloud gives you serverless web printing, amped-up security, and automated IT tasks behind the scenes —
featuring easy printing for everyone, from anywhere, whenever you need.

Step into the future with
hardware-free IT

Print servers and drivers cost thousands every year—not to mention the time it takes to maintain. SAFEQ Cloud is a SaaS solution that scales up or down as your needs evolve, freeing you from pricey and unnecessary hardware. 


We love print drivers
so you
don't have to

Say goodbye to multiple print drivers in your infrastructure and enjoy our single, full-featured print driver. Unlike manufacturers’ universal print drivers, SAFEQ Cloud’s full-featured single driver works across most models and brands and includes full finishing options for your web printing needs. 

Vendor agnostic

Make life easy for IT and
everyone printing

Printing as we know it used to be an intricate, haphazard process. We’re leaving that for the history books. SAFEQ Cloud, with its serverless setup, simplified infrastructure, and centralized environment, makes printing a breeze for everyone.


Serverless printing

Get rid of the costs and complexities of print servers—and redirect your resources to other valuable IT projects.

One solution, hosted anywhere

SAFEQ Cloud can be delivered as a hosted SaaS offering or installed as a private cloud – the choice is all yours.

from any device to any printer

Users and guests can easily print from any device to any printer, at any location, in seconds - without setting up print drivers.

Supercharge security & protect your data

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud is designed for Zero Trust requirements. Protect your data with features including end-to-end encryption, user authentication, auditing functionality, and integration with cloud authentication providers.

Securing Users-07-07 1-1

zero-trust architecture

The cloud-native platform is built on a zero-trust philosophy. To mitigate risk, we verify explicitly, restrict access, and keep real-time monitoring at your disposal.

Access control

To prevent data from getting into the wrong hands, we’re adamant about role-based access and privilege control. You even have controlled guest access.

Data protection

At Y Soft, we enable end-to-end encryption for data in transit and at rest, including data centre security, data transmission security, and secure print roaming.

User authentication

To enable secure print release, our cloud solutions come with multi-factor authentication options and integrate with Azure AD, Okta, Google, and PingID.

Process compliance

With security at the heart of SAFEQ, the solution is compliant with the highest cloud security standards, including ISO 27001, Cloud Controls Matrix, and OWASP.

Usage reporting

The platform provides easy access to in-depth analysis of print activities with a rich set of default reports, so you keep track of everything.

Enjoy a modern IT infrastructure

We help businesses and IT people build better ways of working by simplifying the IT infrastructure and introducing teams like yours to an automated print ecosystem via a cloud-native webprint platform. 


Simple to work with

SAFEQ Cloud clears the path for IT admins to improve IT efficiency. Automate tedious print tasks and manage everything print and capture from a simple web-based UI.

Easy to use

Easily onboard users and enable your organization to print from any device to a single print queue and securely release print jobs at their preferred destination.

Seamless user experience

No matter how diverse your print device portfolio is, we ensure a consistently great user experience across all the major printer brands and models.

Less focus on print

Get focused on your mission-critical projects and let go of printer deployment, driver provisioning, server updates, security updates, and more.

Multi-tenant platform

Create your own environment on the SAFEQ multi-tenant platform and enjoy optimal efficiency, lower cost, and no maintenance.

Usage-based pricing

With SAFEQ Cloud, there’s no upfront investment. Our SaaS model gives you the flexibility to scale up or down. Just pay for the licenses you use.

All the tools you need to manage print in the cloud

Single Driver

Manage multiple print devices, domains, and networks, with one full-featured single driver.

Full print control

Get full control of your print infrastructure, with a rule-based engine and seamless configurations, user setups, and reporting.

Mobile & Guest Printing

Seamlessly connect mobile users and guests to the same platform that manages office printing.

Print roaming (pull print)

Users may select individual jobs to release or have jobs automatically print after successful authentication.

Operating systems

Supports all major operating systems in the cloud as standard, to give users the flexibility to pick their favorite.

API driven

Everything you need in the platform for your web print needs can be easily accessed through a modern API.

Got a mixed fleet of printers? We don’t play favorites.

We have designed our platform to seamlessly integrate with any brand and environment. We have partnered with several manufacturers to deliver vendor-agnostic solutions that always work.