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3.28 PC Client: Easier Scalability

SAFEQ Cloud (formerly HCP) 3.28 PC Client setup enhancements

In the end-of-2022 product release, 3.28, you'll find a set of enhancements for PC clients, pertaining to three main areas: Offline installation,  easier scalability, and general installations. Here's what that means:

🖥 Offline Installations

We’ve updated the installation process to include the ability to install the PC Client in local storage mode when you're offline.

📈 Easier Scalability

With easier scalability comes better compatibility with cloned Windows images which makes it easier to deploy to large numbers of PCs without needing an internet connection.

⚙️ General Installations

This option can be set for silent installation or from the installer itself, making large-scale deployments much simpler and flexible.

Read the full version release here