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3.29 Konica Minolta Embedded

3.29 Konica Minolta Embedded Enhancements

In the 3.29 product release, we're bringing user experience enhancements to Konica Minolta embedded.

🗣 Open API - Added Languages

In this release, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Swedish and Portuguese languages have been added to the Konica Minolta Embedded application. 

🖨 Open API - Improved Print Workflows

The print workflows in Konica Minolta devices have been improved to avoid potential issues when releasing a job.

💬 Enhancements in IWS

For the Konica Minolta Internal Web Server (IWS), we've made enhancements to the password logic to allow special characters like “&” to be included, giving users more freedom to create safe and unique passwords.

Here, we've also improved print workflows to allow print jobs without a name to be processed.


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