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3.32 Fujifilm BI Cloud Embedded

3.32 FujiFilm BI Cloud Embedded

As part of our commitment to continuously improve and ease cloud migration, we enhanced gateway-free deployment to include FujiFilm BI in SAFEQ Cloud's 3.31 product version. In version 3.32, we've improved the print workflows within Fujifilm.

​🖨️ scanning shortcuts

To shorten users’ workflows and make their document-handling process straightforward and smooth, we've added scanning shortcuts for your Fujifilm users. That way, you'll be able to scan faster and easier.


🌐 Improved Workflows

In the 3.32 release, advanced printing options have been optimized to ensure a smoother experience for all our Fujifilm BI Cloud users.


🖥️ UI Update

The embedded application’s UI has been updated to offer a consistent experience across vendors, including Fujifilm.

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