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3.44 Custom Email Settings for Scan and Messaging

3.44 Email Setup Enhancement in SAFEQ Cloud

With SAFEQ Cloud V. 3.44, we're responding to customers' requests to utilize their own email service to deliver scanned documents. SAFEQ Cloud's scan-to-email settings now include the ability to create an SMTP configuration, so users may use their own email delivery service.

📧 Popular Email Service in Use

SAFEQ Cloud already utilizes a popular email service for scanned documents.The majority of our users appreciate the convenience and cost savings of the included email service.

Simultaneously, some customers prefer to use their own email delivery service for increased control, compliance, or privacy.



✅ Custom Email Settings for Scanning

With SAFEQ Cloud 3.44, we now allow customers to continue to utilize the embedded email service for scanning or utilize their own email service for scanning and messaging.

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