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SAFEQ Cloud 3.16

HCP 3.16

Ping authentication support

SAFEQ Cloud 3.16 adds support for Ping, a prominent identity management platform used by over 60% of Fortune 100 customers.

Adding Ping to our existing options enables customers to use any of the leading identity platforms to authenticate and manage their users, providing a secure and straightforward way to access their document workflows.

Offline push print

SAFEQ Cloud 3.16 adds an option to create local printers when connectivity is lost.

SAFEQ Cloud 3.16 will provide a way to continue to submit print jobs even when there is no internet connectivity by maintaining a list of recently used printers (<72 hours) and creating temporary queues to enable jobs to be delivered directly to a printer.

When connection resumes, temporary printers will be removed, and stats around usage submitted to SAFEQ Cloud, providing additional resilience and failover for SAFEQ Cloud users.

SAFEQ Cloud API for the documents' history

SAFEQ Cloud has extended API functions to be able to retrieve Documents History data containing key job attributes relating to a user’s print, copy and scan activity.

This can be used in external data visualization systems such as dashboards and external reporting tools by partners and customers.

PC Client Updates

SAFEQ Cloud 3.16 brings a host of updates to the PC Client, which is used to manage end-users print queues, authentication and printing options.

These include extending client-based authentication with OpenID connect, enabling authentication with additional cloud-based identity providers such as PingID and Google, as well as support for the latest Macbooks (using the Apple Silicon M1 processor).