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SAFEQ Cloud 3.18

HCP 3.18

Log4j Vulnerability Fix

This release includes a fix for the Apache log4j library.

Our team reacted very quickly following the Log4j critical vulnerability discovered last week. The 3.18 release already addresses this vulnerability; therefore, we encourage all our partners to upgrade their gateways to 3.18 at the most convenient time.

HP OXPd Embedded

With the HP OXPd client source code rewriting, the 3.18 brings the HP embedded client up-to-date: latest tools, print from USB, screen resolution bug fix are now available.

Ricoh SOP Embedded

The 3.18 also provides improvements for the Ricoh SOP embedded: bugs fixes and updates are included.

User Interface Updates

The SAFEQ Cloud User interface has been updated with a set of enhancements (Endpoints SAFEQ Cloud Web UI, Primary EU Search, Group Sync Prompt for Ping & Azure) making the user experience even better.

Performance improvements

To ensure SAFEQ Cloud is always at state of the art, the 3.18 comes with performance improvements with library updates, expanded cache, keyStore & thread pool updates.