AirPrint: Apple Configurator 2 Profile

How to Use Apple Configurator 2 for Easy Deployment of EveryonePrint AirPrint on iOS Devices

Apple Configurator 2 makes deploying iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices easy in your institution. It can be used to deploy EveryonePrint AirPrint devices to iOS iPhones or iPads easily.

  1. Create a new profile (.plist) for the AirPrint configuration in Apple Configurator 2
    Apple-Configurator_Profile General
  2. Enter the necessary information for each AirPrint device you like to publish in the profile:
    1. Host Name or IP Address = enter host name or IP address of the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway 
    2. Resource path = /ipp/m/n , where "n" = Printer ID in EveryonePrint -> Devices
    Apple-Configurator_Profile AirPrint
  3. The profile can be loaded onto the device in many different ways. Either with the use of Apple Configurator 2 to push it to the device, or you can use an MDM solution.

Note: MDM-related features in EveryonePrint require an Enterprise license.