AirPrint/DriverPrint: Error on EveryonePrint 4.3

How to Resolve AirPrint/DriverPrint Errors After Updating to EveryonePrint 4.3

Some printing features are not working properly after upgrading to EveryonePrint 4.3:

iOS AirPrint or DriverPrint doesn't work.


Users can see the AirPrint printer on iOS, but an error occurs when attempting to print a document: "Contacting printer." This is followed by a brief "Preparing" message. Subsequently, the message "Can't contact the printer" appears, indicating that no job has been printed. Users are prompted to cancel or retry the job. Occasionally, a "printer busy" error may occur, or it may become impossible to add a new printer, with the error "not able to connect to printer" being displayed.


  1. Stop EveryonePrint Web service
  2. Open directory : C:\Program Files (x86)\EveryonePrint\etc
  3. Make a backup copy of a file: jetty-ssl.xml
  4. Edit/open with Notepad the file jetty-ssl.xml
  5. Amend this section with values in bold below:
    Set name="keystore"><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" default="." />/etc/keystore2020</Set>
    <Set name="password">OBF:1vn21ugu1saj1v9i1v941sar1ugw1vo0</Set>
    <Set name="keyPassword">OBF:1vn21ugu1saj1v9i1v941sar1ugw1vo0</Set>
    <Set name="truststore"><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" default="." />/etc/keystore2020</Set>
    <Set name="trustPassword">OBF:1vn21ugu1saj1v9i1v941sar1ugw1vo0</Set>
  6. Restart the EveryonePrint Web service