Android: Login Prompt Loop

How to Complete Basic Setup in EveryonePrint Mobile App on Android Without Login Info

The user launches the EveryonePrint Mobile App on Android and completes the basic setup in Settings, which includes:

  • Discovering the gateway
  • Testing
  • Saving
  • Reloading server settings

However, the user does not provide any login information in the Account tab and then closes the EveryonePrint Mobile App.


The user then opens another Android app from which they wish to print.

However, since they did not provide login information during the setup, they are presented with a login prompt in a white window titled 'Please login.' This prompt supersedes the EveryonePrint Mobile App's own login request.

Entering any information in this window just leads to an endless loop asking for the login.

Note: as seen in this screenshot, this Android system's white windows supersede the EveryonePrint Mobile App in the background.


At the [Please login] window, simply press the [Cancel] button to retrieve the original EveryonePrint Mobile App login form and provide the necessary credentials.


Note: This is the actual EveryonePrint Mobile App screen where the user must enter their credentials.