Android: Test and Verify Ports from Device to Server

How to Test and Verify Ports on Android Devices for Server Connectivity

When configuring App printing from Android devices, it can sometimes be a little hard to determine the source of a timeout or similar.

Most of the time, a network port is not open in firewalls between the mobile device on the WiFi network and the EveryonePrint servers with mobile gateways.

Use the following simple method to verify if a port is open and accessible from the Android device:

  1. From the Google Play store  install a network tool utility like "IP Tools" app.
  2. From the App menu, choose Port Scanner. Enter the destination DNS/hostname/IP address of the server hosting the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway and the port to test, i.e., port 9444 for the Mobile Gateway TCP port.
  3. Verify that the port is available.