Chrome Extension for EveryonePrint Mobileprint

How to Use the EveryonePrint Chrome Extension for Easy Mobile Printing with an Existing Server Installation

To use the new EveryonePrint Chrome Extension with your existing installation of EveryonePrint MobilePrint server, follow these simple steps:

With the new EveryonePrint Chrome Extension, you can enjoy seamless integration between your Chrome browser and your existing EveryonePrint MobilePrint server. It simplifies the printing process and enhances productivity, allowing you to easily print from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Your existing EveryonePrint MobilePrint running installation is compatible with the new Chrome Extension; no specific update or setup needed on the server side.

User's Gmail addresses are recorded in the local database - [Users] tab, or they can be retrieved from an LDAP/AD connection setup in Settings > User Authentification.
EveryonePrint User Management Interface Displaying Registered Email Addresses

Active Directory User Properties Dialog Showing Email Configuration

Install Chrome Extension

Manual Installation

  • In Chrome, open the Menu and go to "More tools" > "Extensions." click the Extension menu and select "Open Chrome Web Store".
  • Or go directly to Chrome Web Store
  • When installed in Chrome, click the "extension options".
    EveryonePrint HCP Chrome Extension Configuration Screen with Successful Connection Test
  • Enter your EOP server IP or hostname and port 7290 or 9443 (or 80 and 443 if you changed default).
  • Click test and make sure you receive the "Successfully tested connection" message.
  • Note: If using HTTPS 9443 with EOP built-in certificate, make sure to connect first to SAFEQ Cloud and accept the certificate exception so this server is trusted in Chrome.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the Extension again and select: Login.
  • Enter login and password for your AD/LDAP account as setup in EveryonePrint Mobileprint.
    EveryonePrint Login Screen for Chromebook Printing Service

Deploy through Google Management Console

Refer to your local Google Workspace Administrator for automating the deployment of the Extension to managed Chromebooks in the organization.

Steps to setup the Extension:

  • Connect to the Google Admin console:
  • Select correct organizational unit.
    Dropdown Menu Selection for Organizational Units at
  • Navigate to the Managed browsers.
    Managed Browsers Option in Apps & Extensions Menu
  • Check that all needed user browsers enrolled and listed in the table. If not – enroll necessary browsers to the corresponding Organizational Unit.
  • Navigate to the Devices.
    Chromebook Management Console Devices Menu Screenshot
  • Check that all needed Chromebook devices enrolled and in “Provisioned” status.
  • Navigate to the Apps & extensions.
  • Add EveryonePrint Extension and select it.
  • Navigate to the “Policy for extension” input in the right side bar.
    Chrome Management Console with EveryonePrint HCP Extension Policy Settings
  • Enter configuration JSON with correct values in this form:

    {<br />"hostname": {"Value":"<em>serverIP-Hostname</em>"},<br />  "port": {"Value":"7290|9443"},<br />    "apikey": {"Value":""},<br />"disableAuthentication": {"Value":true|false}<br />}

    • Hostname: IP or FQDN of the EveryonePrint MobilePrint server
    • Port: 7290 or 9443 (defaults) or 80, 443 if ports where customized
    • DisableAuthentication :
      • true - no login required in the Extension, Gmail address is used to match user in EveryonePrint.
      • false -  user has to login with LDAP/AD credentials in the Extension.

Note: For installations where the LDAP/AD authentication is not available/desirable, you can disable using the appropriate value for the "disableAuthentication" parameter in the configuration JSON file when deploying the App.

  • Click on Policy drop-down.
    Chrome Policy Settings Showing EveryonePrint HCP Extension Allowed to Install
  • Select “Force Install”.
    EveryonePrint Extension Installation Policy with Force Install Option Selected
  • Save settings and validate that save successful.
    Revert and Save Options Highlighted in a Web Interface

Use Chrome Extension

  • You can pin the Extension to the Browser bar (top right).
    Browser Window Showing Pinned EveryonePrint Chrome Extension Icon
  • Now doing a [CTRL - P] in the "Destination" select "See more..." and you should see your EveryonePrint printers.
  • Select the printer you want to print to.
  • Select the finishing options.
  • And print.
  • Note: If you don't see all your printers, click the icon of the Extension then click 'synchronize printers" again.
    Print Destination Selection Screen with EveryonePrint HCP Extension Options


In some contexts, even when the user performs the [Test] and [Sync printer], he can't see the printers.

This may occur because there is an entry in the Local DB in Everyoneprint with the name 'jdoe' associated with his Gmail address "".

However, because LDAP/AD authentication has been setup, EveryonePrint can't retrieve the printer list as the user in AD has a different sAMAccountname like 'john-doe' with the email address "".

To Fix the Issue:

  • Make sure to remove the entry "jdoe"  in the Local DB  ( Admin console > Users ).
  • In Chrome verify that the logged in user is "".
  • Click Test and Save.
  • Click Sync printers.
  • Verify printers are listed.