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How to Personalize Your Welcome Email and Release Code Notifications for Guest Printing


When managing a guest printing service, the first impression is crucial. Personalizing the welcome email and release code notifications can significantly enhance the user experience. This guide will walk you through the process of customizing these emails to reflect your organization's branding and provide clear, concise information to your guests. 


How to amend text files is explained in section "3.10 Modifying Language Text Strings" in the Install Guide.

Warning: Language files are provided "as is". It’s strongly recommended to backup the language files prior to editing. EveryonePrint provides no assistance or support relating to changing language files.
Any changes done to language files will automatically be overwritten by any EveryonePrint update.

To achieve the change in the email text, you need to amend some text files, located in <Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\eop\languagefiles 

  1. Do a backup copy of the public_xx.xml language file (where xx is the language code).
  2. Edit the public_xx.xml:
    1. Search for the phrase you like to change.
    2. Replace text between tags with new text.
      Email Template XML File Open in Notepad++ for Customization
  3. Save public_xx.xml language file.

Additional Tips:

  1. In order to replace a line with a blank line, insert #chr(160)# in between the 'cfcase' tags:
    1. Ex Original Tag: 

      &lt;cfcase value="mail_reg_2"&gt;Go to:&lt;/cfcase&gt;
    2. Ex Amended Tag: 

      &lt;cfcase value="mail_reg_2"&gt;#chr(160)#&lt;/cfcase&gt;
  2. In order to add line breaks, insert #chr(15)#.
    Editing an Automated Welcome Email Template in a Text Editor with Code View