Demo Guide: Test Run EveryonePrint

How to Conduct a Test Run with EveryonePrint: A Demo Guide

Verify the successful installation and configuration of EveryonePrint by performing a test print job.


A server meeting the minimum specifications:

  • Windows 2008 Server SP1 (32 or 64-bit), Windows 2008 R2 Server (32 or 64-bit), Windows 2012 or Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016, or Windows 2019.
  • Recent generation server CPU processors (e.g., Intel Xeon 64 or equivalent) as described in EveryonePrint 4.3.3 Installation Guide.


Following instructions in the EveryonePrint Demo Site Guide, you will be able to try and test all of EveryonePrint's print methods directly from your PC or Mobile Device using our live demo server.


  1. Installation:

    • Run the EveryonePrint installer.
    • Configure settings in EveryonePrint Admin.
    • Ensure the server has been prepared.
  2. Configuration:

    • Configure an email account.
    • Add printers to EveryonePrint.
    • Access the user web portal.
  3. Test Print:

    • Perform a simple test print job to selected printers.
    • Confirm that print jobs are processed correctly.
  4. Duration:

    The basic installation and configuration typically take less than 10 minutes.