Driver Print: MacOS and IPPS Issue

How to Resolve MacOS IPPS Printing Issues with Driver Print

This information is essential for users using Driver Print with MacOS 10.1x.


Configuring Driver Print on MacOS 10.1x works fine when using IPP, but when trying to use IPPS with EveryonePrint on TCP port 9443.


Recent version of MacOS has a limitation to use only TCP port 443 for https/ipps printer communication.

To circumvent the limitation and use HTTPS/IPPS communication from the Mac PC to EveryonePrint server, it is recommended:

  • either to change default settings of EveryonePrint server to use 443 instead of 9443 as described in section "3.13.3 Change default Web ports from 7290 and 9443" of the Install Guide
  • or change firewall settings to redirect port 443 incoming communication to port 9443 on the EveryonePrint server side.