Driver Print Simple: Enable Duplex Printing

How to Enable Duplex Printing in Driver Print Settings


Printing in duplex mode allows you to save paper and reduce printing costs. It automatically prints on both sides of the paper, creating professional-looking documents with ease. Make sure your printer supports duplex printing and that you have the necessary drivers installed for this feature to work. Enjoy efficient and eco-friendly printing by utilizing the duplex printing option in Driver Print Simple.


To print in a duplex using the Driver Print Simple, follow these steps.

On Windows Client Workstation

  1. Install the recommended printer driver as per the instructions in the Web Portal -> Driver Print tab.
  2. When the printer is set, open Properties -> Device settings -> Duplex unit: set to 'Installed'.

On the EveryonePrint Server

Verify the target device is using a printer driver with Duplex capability enabled: Printer properties -> Device settings.

How to print in Duplex:

On Windows Client Workstation

  1. From the application: File -> Print -> Preferences -> Finishing: select 'Print on both sides'.
  2. Print the document.

On EveryonePrint Server

Verify the document is printed in Duplex: open Print Queue and right-click the print job -> Properties: Print on both sides is present.