Email Print: Office 365 Email Alias

Streamlining Printing with Office 365: Embracing the 'Direct Email Print to Printer Email Alias' Feature

Customer utilizing Office 365 for email printing prefers the 'Direct Email Print to Printer Email Alias' feature.


Similarly to what is done in traditional Exchange, it is necessary to configure an Email forwarding account on Office 365

Connect as administrator to your Office 365 account:

  1. Go to 'Admin' -> 'Users' -> 'Active Users'
  2. Click the [+ Add a User] button
  3. Enter value in 'Display name' and in 'Username' like ex: printerA and click the [Add] button, new user is then added, click the [Close] button
  4. After the email box is created, click the user in the list to display the settings details, and expand 'Email settings' to show more items, then select 'Email forwarding'
  5. In the Email forwarding pane:
    1. Leave 'Forward all email sent to this mailbox' to 'On'
    2. Enter the email address of the main Email print mailbox as the 'Forwarding address' like:
    3. Set 'Keep a copy of forwarded email in this mailbox' to 'Off'
    4. Click the [Save] button 
    5. Verify that Email forwarding now shows 'Applied' 
    6. You can now send Email to this address, like and email jobs will be printed to the Printer of your choice, as setup in 'Devices' -> 'Printer details' -> 'Direct Email Print Alias'