Email: Support for New Long TLDs

Recently, new domain TLDs have been introduced with longer values than usual 2 or 3 letters TLDs: .com, .edu, .fr, .dk etc. You can now register domains with longer TLDs like: .bank, .beer, .scot, .college, .trust etc.


  • EveryonePrint Email print will reject incoming mails with such long TLDs
  • When trying to add a user manually there is an error message "an invalid email was entered please try again"

The reason is that in the current version there's a little filter that rejects addresses which appear as invalid: ".trust" for example is not on the "good" list.


  1. Make sure you are running EveryonePrint 4.2.x
  2. Stop EveryonePrint Web service
  3. Make a backup copy of <Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\eop.xml
  4. Edit eop.xml with any text editor (as administrator)
  5. Insert: <mailallowanyemailaddress>true</mailallowanyemailaddress> inside of the <settings> tags, for example, just before </settings>, like:

  6. Save the change
  7. Re-start EveryonePrint Web service

Now this will allow any email address.