EOP 4.3.3: Fixes for Proxy and O365 OAuth2

Connection to Exchange Online is not fetching emails (autogetmail already running, and goes to timeout) when using OAuth2 and Client Secret.


1. If customer is using a Proxy setting in EOP or EOP for HCP, a file needs to be replaced.

2. The previous library version: "jwebservices-2.0.jar" also contains a Json parser, but maybe an old version. It could be it is picked up instead of the newer version in the jgraph jar file.


1. Replace Exchange connector .jar for Proxy compatibility


  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EveryonePrint\lib
  • Replace  eop-exchangeconnector-4.3.3.jar with eop-exchangeconnector-4.3.4-SNAPSHOT.jar  eop-exchangeconnector-4.3.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • Restart service : EveryonePrint Web Service


  • Go to /opt/EveryonePrint/lib
  • Replace  eop-exchangeconnector-4.3.3.jar with eop-exchangeconnector-4.3.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • Restart service : sudo systemctl restart eop-web

2. Remove jwebservices .jar file


  • Remove (copy elsewhere)  jwebservices-2.0.jar from C:\Program Files (x86)\EveryonePrint\lib
  • Restart service : EveryonePrint Web Service


  • Remove file from /lib
  • cd /opt/everyoneprint/lib
  • mv jwebservices-2.0.jar /home/hcpadmin/
  • Restart service : sudo systemctl restart eop-web