EveryonePrint for Linux Installation Guide

How to Install EveryonePrint on Linux: Quick Start Guide

Install EveryonePrint on a Linux server and configure it for printing.


  • A Linux server (e.g., Ubuntu) meeting the minimum specifications.
  • Access to the EveryonePrint installer file (e.g., hcp-unidriver-linux-pdf.ppd).


Follow the instructions in the EveryonePrint Linux Enterprise 4.0 Installation and Configuration Guide.


  1. Download the PPD File:

    • Download the EveryonePrint PPD file (hcp-unidriver-linux-pdf.ppd) to your Linux PC.
  2. Open Printer Settings:

    • Navigate to Settings > Printers on your Linux system.
  3. Add Printer:

    • Click on Additional Printer Settings.
    • Click Add.
    • In the connection box, replace <UserName> with your domain username (e.g., abcd1234 ):
    • Click Forward.
  4. Provide PPD File:

    • Select Provide PPD File.
    • Add the downloaded PPD file (hcp-unidriver-linux-pdf.ppd).
    • Click Forward twice.
  5. Apply Settings:

    • Click Apply.
    • Perform a Print Test Page to verify successful installation.
  6. Duration:

    The installation process typically takes less than 10 minutes.