Find out Which Ports are Occupied

This document describes how to check if some port is occupied on MS Windows. YSoft SafeQ requires various ports to be available and occupying required ports by third party applications may lead to various issues (e.g. failure during installation).

Applies to YSoft SafeQ 5 and YSoft SafeQ 6.


It is possible to use windows build in application netstat to display all occupied ports.


  1. run the command-line as an administrator
  2. launch command:

netstat -abno > ports.txt

Output from the command is written to the file tat may contain record like this:

Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID 
TCP                 LISTENING       2412 [hMailServer.exe]


Port 25 is occupied by application hMailServer.exe.

The similar set of information is provided in a Task Manager -> tab Performance -> button "Open Resource Monitor" -> tab Network -> section Listening Ports.