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Integration: Kofax-Nuance - Equitrac

How to Integrate EveryonePrint with Equitrac: Guide and Presentation Insights

EveryonePrint Integration with Equitrac Guide (English PDF)

The integration guide includes:
  1. Overview
  2. Install required
  3. How to enable Equitrac integration in EveryonePrint
  4. Configuring Equitrac features in EveryonePrint
  5. Configure SQL Server connection
  6. Troubleshooting tips

EveryonePrint Integration with Equitrac Presentation (English PDF)

The integration presentation contains the following:

  1. Employee Mobile Print
  2. Visitor/Guest Mobile Print: 2 ways to create a guest account:
    1. Web-based form
      1. Creating an account via Webform
      2. Enter email address
      3. User account created in Equitrac
      4. Confirmation on screen and via email
    2. Creating an account via Email
  3. How to enable EveryonePrint