iOS App: XML Parse Error

How to Fix XML Parse Error in EveryonePrint Mobile iOS App

The EveryonePrint Mobile iOS App is a powerful tool that allows users to seamlessly communicate with the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway. This gateway serves as the connection point between the app and the printing infrastructure.


When attempting to configure the EveryonePrint Mobile iOS App, you may encounter an 'XML parse error.' This error occurs when the app is unable to interpret the XML data it receives properly.

iOS Connection Test Error with XML Parse Failure Notification


To resolve this issue, we observed that the error frequently occurs in environments where there is active network equipment, such as a Netscaler, between the iOS device and the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway. In some cases, this network equipment may have been configured to use 'HTTP compression,' which can interfere with the app's ability to parse the XML data correctly.

To address this problem, we recommend disabling the 'HTTP compression' option specifically for the service group associated with the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway. By doing so, you can eliminate the XML parse error and ensure smooth setup and functionality of the EveryonePrint Mobile iOS App.