iOS: Capture App Log File

How to Easily Capture and Send App Log Files for Troubleshooting the EveryonePrint iOS App

When experiencing issues with the EveryonePrint iOS App, providing a log file can be crucial. This log file contains valuable information that allows Support to identify and resolve any problems that may be occurring within the application. By enabling debug logging, you can generate a log file that captures the specific actions and events leading up to the issue.


On iOS device:

  1. Open the EveryonePrint Mobile App -> Settings.
  2. Make sure that debug logging is enabled. (1)
  3. Click "Reset log file". (2)
  4. Perform the action that fails with the EveryonePrint Mobile App.
  5. Get back to EveryonePrint Mobile App-> Settings.
  6. Click "Create email with log file" and send the email to yourself. (3)

On your PC:

  1. Retrieve the email from an iOS device.
  2. Copy its content as a text file to the Support Case.

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