iOS: Printing Options

How to Maximize Your iOS Printing Options with AirPrint Compatibility

  1. The b/w [Print] symbol is a native iOS AirPrint 

    The iOS native method AirPrint has the widest app support, meaning it can print from almost all apps with printable content. Output options like number of copies, duplex, etc., are currently not supported for the native AirPrint method.
  2. The colored icon [Copy to EveryonePrint] is the share action available from [Open in].
    It is only available in a very low number of apps. Apps supporting this share the content with the EveryonePrint app. The EveryonePrint app sends the shared data to the EveryonePrint server for conversion. Output options are supported.
  3. The b/w icon [Print with EveryonePrint] is called an "App Extension".
    This extension works similarly to the “Open in...” method, only that it is available from a larger range of apps.
  • Output options are supported.
  • QR-code scanning is not available.
  • If you click the [...] button => you can disable this extension