Mobile Gateway: Can't Access Web Interface

Unable to Access Web Interface? Explore Fix for Java Networking Challenge on Systems with Multiple NICs.


After a successful installation of EveryonePrint Mobile gateway and checking that the service is up and running, one can't access the Mobile Gateway web interface for configuration at

This problem might be encountered on a system with multiple NICs (network interface cards) if Java is unable to determine the network interface with the default route.


  1. Open file explorer to <Program Files (x86)>\EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway directory.
  2. Make a backup copy of file 'defaults.xml'.
  3. Open 'defaults.xml' with an editor like notepad.
  4. Modify the entry NicForServices like this:
    <entry key="NicForServices">ethXYZ - IPADDRESS</entry>
  5. Replace IPADDRESS with the real IPv4 address of the network interface.
  6. Restart EveryonePrint Mobile gateway service.

Note: If the Network Card is not listed in that file:

  1. Open Windows 'Network and Sharing Center'.
  2. Disable the 2nd NIC.
  3. Restart EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway service.
  4. Login to EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway admin page.
  5. Change 'localhost' to the real IP address of the 1st NIC.
  6. Restart EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway service.
  7. Enable the 2nd NIC.
  8. Then you can add the details for the 2nd NIC to the 'defaults.xml' file.