MS Office Converter: Custom TTF Fonts Not Used in Doc Conversion

How to Ensure Custom Fonts Convert Correctly in MS Office Documents


Customer uses custom TTF fonts with Word documents, but do not save them with embedded fonts. Even after installing the custom TTF fonts on to the EveryonePrint server, the fonts are not used when printing the job via EveryonePrint.

Opening the document with Word, the customer Fonts are properly displayed.


When you're using MS-Office externally for document conversion in EveryonePrint, an instance of Word is opened in the background either under the user account specified on the Windows EveryonePrint Web service, or if you've set an account under DCOM permissions.

So MS-Office opens under that defined user account, and it seems that the fonts are not available under that user account.


To use the custom Fonts with MS Office conversion, the following steps are required: 

  • Verify which user account is defined in EveryonePrint Web service -> Properties -> Logon and/or which account has been set in DCOM for Word (as per section "18.4 Troubleshooting Microsoft Office conversion" -> item 8 of the Install Guide)
  • Open a session with a user login
  • Install the custom TTF fonts
  • Open Word document with MS Office and verify custom fonts are properly applied.
  • Setup EveryonePrint document conversion for MS Office
  • Now you can use EveryonePrint to submit the Word document, and it will convert with the proper custom fonts

Alternatively, the EveryonePrint built-in engine performs the proper font rendering when doing the conversion.