Security: SAFEQ Cloud Communication Hosted in Cloud

SAFEQ Cloud offers hosting in public clouds (Azure, AWS) or its own platform. Customers prioritize flexible, secure hosting, vital from an IT admin view. Upcoming content explains SAFEQ's security-flexibility approach.

The biggest privilege for choosing cloud for SAFEQ Cloud solution opens up opportunity for the end users to connect the print cloud from anywhere and send print jobs in the cloud (ready to be printed within any location of the organization).

Thus, employees who travel much between offices of an organization also get benefit from the solution (no need to install any print driver except the PC Client including a global driver). Even users sitting at home can connect to cloud with or without VPN. 

This leads to the next question - how secure is SAFEQ Cloud communication to access from everywhere?


SAFEQ Cloud uses TLS 1.3 encryption (SHA-256) algorithm to encrypt all possible way of communication between its components (primary server, access point, PC client and embedded terminal). Also, the print job at local access points and metadata in primary server are stored with encryption at rest (encrypted). Such a robust and secure architecture makes the solution absolutely safe from security point of view.