Print to Cloud: Send Print Job to SAFEQ Cloud Storage from Anywhere

SAFEQ Cloud ensures top security for follow-me print needs, enabling users to send, store, and release print jobs locally or via the cloud. Organizations prioritize employee use of follow-me solutions within the company network.

Can users send important print jobs to SAFEQ Cloud cloud while they are travelling? The answer is yes they can. SAFEQ Cloud provides an easy way to achieve this.


Print from Anywhere using SAFEQ Cloud PC client:
Instead of connecting to SAFEQ Cloud local access point and cloud account address, users can use only cloud account address in both the fields. This enables the print job to reach SAFEQ Cloud cloud directly and store in the cloud.


But users cannot release the print job unless they travel to any nearby organization location and release it using secure print release mechanisms.

This way SAFEQ Cloud enables users who are moving between offices on a regular basis, a secure follow me print solution where sending a print job to cloud would never been so easier.