Server: Backup Configuration & Data

How to Back Up Your Server: Configuration and Data Safeguarding


To ensure the safety of your EveryonePrint settings, it is important to create backups.


To backup EveryonePrint settings, copy the following files or directories to a safe location:

<Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\eop.xml
<Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\printers.xml
<Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\data (entire folder with subdirectories)

These files contain crucial information about your EveryonePrint configuration and should be backed up regularly.

If you have made changes to the Web port configuration or configured SSL certificates., backup this folder:

<Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\etc

This folder holds the necessary data for these modifications.

Make sure you take a backup of anything else modified outside of the usual EveryonePrint scopes, such as edited language text files, branding logos, or any other customized elements.

By including these files in your backup, you can ensure that your entire EveryonePrint setup can be easily restored to its desired state.