Server: ID Changing

How to Update Your Server ID: A Step-by-Step Guide

When EveryonePrint is installed in a virtual server environment such as VMWare, Xen, or HyperV, the servers server ID may change, and the license becomes invalid.


  • Hardware changes related to the CPU or the primary MAC address on the server will cause EveryonePrint to generate a new Server ID.
  • The Server ID will only change if the CPU or primary MAC address of the server changes.
    This is typically a situation that may occur in Virtual server environments if the VM instance is moved around the ESX or similar, or NICs (Network Interface Cards) are added/removed or reordered, changing the primary active NIC.

What Happens When the Server ID Changes:

When a change to the server is detected, which triggers a new Server ID, EveryonePrint will:

  • Show an invalid license message in EveryonePrint Admin -> General Settings
  • Start a 72 hours (3 days) grace period, where the server will continue to operate despite an invalid license, allowing time to obtain a new license
  • Notify any administrators, if the "Admin Notification" and "Outgoing Email" settings have been configured in EveryonePrint


To prevent the Server ID from changing, it's generally sufficient to lock the primary MAC address, and you won't see the MAC address, and hence Server ID, change any more.

Instruction for Various VM Platforms:

How to Obtain a New License:

When you are sure the change is definitive, you can request the new license online by contacting your Y Soft representative.

You will need the following details:

  • Current license key
  • Expiration date
  • New Server Name
  • New Server ID

Note: A new license can only be generated for licenses with valid maintenance. If maintenance has expired, maintenance renewal must be purchased as part of the new license key generation.