SSO: MobilityGuard Reverse Proxy

EveryonePrint supports authentication using the MobilityGuard unified access management system, reverse proxy and single-sign-on (SSO) solution.

The following guide outlines the simple steps to configure MobilityGuard as SSO with an EveryonePrint server.

Check out the MobilityGuard Unified Access Management System.


  1. Open MobilityGuard Control Center -> Administration -> User Services -> Resources, click Add new resource.
  2. In the Main tab, configure properties such as description, hostname and internal server address.
  3. In the Advanced tab, uncheck Cookie Pass-Through to ensure that clients are logged out when ending their sessions in MobilityGuard.
  4. In the SSO tab, configure as below, so credentials from MobilityGuard are passed into the EveryonePrint login form automatically and transparent to the end user clients.
  5. Save, activate and reload MobilityGuard configuration, then access the hostname specified; users will now be prompted for login by the MobilityGuard service, and once authenticated, be passed in an authenticated state to the EveryonePrint server.