Web Portal: Can't See Advanced Driver Print Instructions

How to Troubleshoot Missing Advanced Driver Print Instructions in the Web Portal

Having a seamless experience with vendor-specific printer drivers is crucial when printing from workstations. The “Advanced Driver Print” option, available under Settings -> Driver Print, empowers end-users to utilize these specialized drivers effectively. This feature enables users to access enhanced printing capabilities tailored to their specific printer models.

Whether fine-tuning settings or optimizing output quality, the Advanced Driver Print ensures a smoother and more efficient printing process.


When logged in as a user in the Web interface -> Driver Print, instructions for Driver Print Advanced are not showing.


As outlined in the setup page, Show option "Advanced" driver print is only relevant if "Advanced Driver Print" has been configured:

  • Go to Devices.
  • In the drop-down list, select 'Advanced Print Enabled.'
  • If the list returns only '0', then Advanced Driver Print is not enabled for any printer.
  • Click the cog to edit device properties, and check 'Advanced Driver Print' where relevant.