Welcome Email: Hide Password to Guest Users

Using EveryonePrint with guest accounts? Wondering if passwords are needed when users authenticate with their primary ID? Let's find out.

If using EveryonePrint integrated with a print accounting or print management solution to create Guest user accounts for unknown users, sometimes the password is not used, if users only authenticate with their primary ID/username.

In those cases, it's possible to hide the password from the welcome email containing the guest users login.

To hide the password from the welcome email, do the following:

  1. Stop the EveryonePrint Web service.
  2. Make a backup copy of <Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\eop.xml.
  3. Edit <Program Files(x86)>\EveryonePrint\eop.xml  in an editor such as Notepad.
  4. Edit or add (if it isn't present already) within the <settings></settings>:

  5. Save the file and start EveryonePrint Web service.

Now, the password will be hidden and will no longer be displayed in the welcome email.