Wide Area Mobile Print: ".local" DNS Suffix

How to Resolve '.local' DNS Suffix Issues for Wide Area Mobile Print

The Multicast DNS feature of "Bonjour" allows devices on a local network to connect to each other without a separate DNS server by using the ".local" domain.


For this reason, some iOS devices might be unable to resolve unicast DNS names that end with a .local suffix.

That was the case with iOS 7, while iOS 8 no longer has this limitation, so the ".local" domain worked with EveryonePrint's "Wide Area Mobile Print" feature. With the introduction of iOS 9, it seems Apple has reverted back to support of".local" domains in DNS-SD so that iOS devices don't see the printers anymore.


As a workaround to this limitation, we suggest that you create another domain in the DNS server like ".company.print" and do the setup accordingly + and add this domain to the search domain list on the iOS devices (using “DHCP option 119” as explained in the documentation)

DNS Manager Window Showing Wide Area Mobile Print Domain Configuration


Unable to resolve unicast DNS names that end in .local in iOS