Wide Area Mobile Print: Error Setting-up Delegation

How to Fix Delegation Setup Errors in Wide Area Mobile Print


When configuring DNS delegation for Wide Area Mobile Print functionality, adding the New Server Name Record shows an error like:

DNS New Name Server Record Error Notification in Wide Area Mobile Print Setup

When configuring DNS delegation for Wide Area Mobile Print functionality, you may encounter an error when attempting to add the New Server Name Record. This error typically occurs when the Wide Area Mobile Print sub-domain has not been created correctly with the appropriate name, such as mobileprint.domain.com.


To resolve this issue, ensuring that the Wide Area Mobile Print sub-domain is set up correctly with the proper name is important. Once you have corrected any errors in the sub-domain configuration, it is recommended to restart EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway to ensure the changes take effect.

Make sure the Wide Area Mobile Print sub-domain has been created with the proper name, such as mobileprint.domain.com.

  • Correct the error
  • Restart EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway
  • Check result with nslookup : 
    • nslookup -query=ptr _ipp._tcp.mobileprint.company.com 
    • nslookup -query=ptr _ipps._tcp.mobileprint.company.com (*)

Note: starting with  EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway version, a secure connection using SSL is established with the iOS device ( _ipps.) in order to conform with best practices and security recommendations for AirPrint communications. 

Command Line DNS Lookup Result for Printer Service Location