Wide Area Mobile Print: Separate Mobile Print DNS Zone

How to Set Up a Dedicated DNS Zone for Wide Area Mobile Print


In some environments, configuring Wide Area Mobile Print in a distinct DNS zone is often preferred rather than within the existing Active Directory (AD) domain. This setup offers several advantages and enhances the overall efficiency and management of the printing infrastructure.


  1. Create the Wide Area Mobile Print Zone in EveryonePrint

    Web Interface Showing Wide Area Mobile Print Subdomain Configuration

  2. Setup the DNS Server

    Create the new zone container and records:

    1. Create and select the new domain.
    2. Right-click "Other new records."
    3. Select "SRV" and create '_udp' ( service: anything, protocol: _udp).
    4. Delete the 'anything' record created.

      DNS Manager Creating New Service Location (SRV) Resource Record
      DNS Manager Interface Displaying PTR Records for Mobile Print Domain
    5. Then select "_udp" and proceed with creating the _dns-sd records as explained in the manual.
  3. Verify Working Setup on the iOS Device

    When the iOS device is correctly set up for "domain search," you should see the AirPrint devices when printing from an iOS App.

    iOS Wi-Fi Settings Displaying Custom Search Domain for Network Configuration
    iOS Printer Options Screen Listing Multiple Printers