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It's the end of an era. Time to say goodbye to print management. Cloud-based printing is here to stay. Are you ready for it? 

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Say hello to NPM
No Print Management


Print is the last thing any IT team wants to take care of. Instead of wasting resources managing print, you could be working on more strategic (and, quite frankly, more interesting) initiatives. If you don't want to be touching this stuff... why are you? 

The old world

  • IT as a support team, handling Helpdesk tickets, device issues, and more.
  • Complex, unscalable infrastructure
  • Multiple servers, drivers, and gateways to maintain
  • Multiple tools to handle from a variety of solution providers
  • Hard-hitting downtime
  • Manual security patches and compliance control
  • User frustration and inconsistent experiences

The Ideal World

  • IT as a business-generating team focused on meaningful work
  • Simple infrastructure fully managed by your solution provider
  • No server upkeep and one full-featured single driver
  • Converged solution from one single provider
  • High availability in the cloud
  • Autonomous security upgrades and enhancements
  • Simple and consistent UX regardless of what device you print to or where you print from

Your Journey to NPM 

The world is changing, and so are you. Digitalization and cloud technology ensures that the traditional IT department model is wearing out. This change clears the path for IT teams to become business enablers and build the backbone of the digital enterprise. 

focused IT person

Transform and modernize your IT infrastructure

Unify and centrally manage your entire printer fleet (regardless of brand), go cloud-first, and strengthen your infrastructure resilience in a centralized cloud environment. Cloud-powered, self-managed solutions liberate your team from print management.

IT manager at home using SAFEQ Cloud


SAFEQ Cloud is designed for zero trust requirements. Protect your data with features including end-to-end encryption, user authentication, auditing functionality, and integration with cloud authentication providers.


Maximize your productivity

Simplify complex deployments, minimize onsite presence, and remove manual labor. SAFEQ Cloud takes care of all that so your IT team can focus on meaningful work.


User flexibility

Embrace the hybrid work model and let employees work with the same level of efficiency and availability wherever they are.

Let's challenge the future of the industry!

Listen in on our 'No Print Management' Podcast and find out how vendors, peers, and
industry experts are challenging the future of print.


Daring to make a difference in the print industry

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Taking Print out of Your Hands and Your Hair

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A Massively Accelerated Shift to the Cloud

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Challenging the Future of the Print Industry


All the Features you Need to Let Go of Print Management

Single print driver

Single print driver

Manage multiple print devices, domains, and networks, with one full-featured single driver.

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Eliminate C Infrastructure

Serverless printing

Get rid of the costs and complexities of print servers—and redirect your resources to other valuable IT projects.

Embedded Terminal-1

Pure cloud terminal

Securely and quickly print documents without the need for additional software or hardware.

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Mobile Print

Portable printing

Seamlessly connect mobile users and guests to the platform to print from their portable devices.

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Business Printer


Choose the printers that work best for your needs without being worried about getting constrained now or in the future.

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Command line

Operating Systems

Supports all major operating systems in the cloud as standard, to give users the flexibility to pick their favorite.