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3.34 OMNI Bridge Compatibility

3.34 OMNI Bridge Compatibility

OMNI Bridge is a new SAFEQ Cloud hardware appliance for those who need a reliable connector between their legacy print environment and the cloud.

SAFEQ Cloud Secondary Gateways are used to organize all locations within a single solution, where users are free to move between sites, and printing keeps working the same.

⚙️ 3-step installation

With OMNI Bridge, administrators can deploy secondary gateways in three easy steps – simply click “add edge device”, enter the serial number and device ID, and grant access privileges to OMNI Bridge, including offline access and access to profiles.

After that, the OMNI Bridge is authorized and available for configuration in the SAFEQ Cloud Web Admin UI.


🔗 Embedded apps (terminals)

Allow the remote deployment of embedded apps for any non-cloud terminals, while delivering print jobs from the cloud and processing them locally.


☁️ Cloud-high availability

YSoft OMNI Bridge is made for high print availability, including emergency print and remote maintenance of your print fleet.

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