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Multi-layered Security with

How does SAFEQ Cloud mitigate risks in a multi-dimensional threat landscape?

SAFEQ Ckiyd Security Whitepaper

What you'll find
inside this whitepaper

  • Insights into the shared security responsibility between Y Soft and our partners. Both parties are jointly responsible to ensure a fully secure infrastructure, with Y Soft taking care of the data centre, the virtual infrastructure, and the application itself.

  • A rundown of the security measures integrated into SAFEQ Cloud, including zero-trust infrastructure, zero-trust secure edge, data access permissions, and limitations, as well as security measures applied to the shared nature of our multi-tenant platform.

  • Detailed descriptions of SAFEQ Cloud's security ecosystem, containing information about network security, perimeter protection, platform monitoring, policies, threat assessment, secure deployment, security examination, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing.

  • Customer data protection institutive actions and preventive procedures, including logical tenant separation, end-to-end data encryption in transit and at rest, encryption keys, and more. You'll also learn how we tackle data backup and disaster recovery.

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Security Whitepaper


In Uncertain Times,
Cloud is your safe space

Y Soft has created a cloud-based print ecosystem at peak protection so your employees can feel safe in a multi-dimensional threat landscape. This cloud security whitepaper shows you how.

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Cloud security guaranteed with SAFEQ Cloud