Email Print: Office 365 Hosted Exchange

Seamless Integration: Setting Up a Dedicated Inbox for EveryonePrint Email Printing with Office 365 Exchange

As cloud-based services continue to evolve, many customers are making the switch to hosted email solutions such as Office 365 hosted Exchange servers. To make the most of features like EveryonePrint Email Printing, setting up a dedicated inbox to receive print job requests is essential. This can be easily achieved through Office 365 Exchange.

Note: this setup also applies to recent version Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 ( 15.01.XXXX.XXX)


Configuring EveryonePrint incoming email settings to work with Microsoft Office 365:

  • Mail server type: Exchange Web Services (recommended)
  • Mail server address: include full URL like:
  • Mail domain name: leave the "mail domain name" empty
  • Incoming Mail Account Settings: enter the required credentials

Office 365 with Modern Authentication:

With EveryonePrint 4.3.3 we support 'modern authentication' with "client secret" for Office365 Online Exchange. 

Before going any further, apply these patches : EOP 4.3.3 : fixes for Proxy and O365 OAuth2


Warning: make sure to setup the API/Permission according to this table:

API/Permission Type Description Admin consent required Status
User.Read Delegated Sign in and read user profile No Granted for <name>
User.Read.All Application Read all users' full profile Yes Granted for <name>
Mail.ReadWrite Application Read mail in all mailboxes Yes Granted for <name>
  •  Also make sure you are copying the correct values for "Client ID" and "Client Secret" > copy the "Value" not the "Secret ID".

Apply the settings in the Email print configuration panel 

2023-06-20 15_12_15-EveryonePrint - Email Print Settings

Warning: Due to the nature of cloud based solutions and the need to provide new features or for technical and security reasons, there might be changes over time on the Microsoft side that can have an impact on the ability to connect and/or retrieve emails correctly.

If you do experience any unusual behavior or have trouble making the feature work, please contact our Customer Support.

Advanced Threat Protection:

For enhanced security reason real time Advanced Threat Protection  (ATP) may have been enabled on Office 365 Email Print incoming mailbox.

What this means is that received attachments are scanned before being accepted in the inbox. However, the email body is almost immediately released and available, while the attachments, depending on their size, could be held whilst the scan is taking place.


The consequence is that in some occasion, Office 365 will not deliver the attachment itself but a separate download link to the attachment, which would be impossible for EveryonePrint to access.


Do not enable Advanced Threat Protection  (ATP) on the Email print inbox.

Note: When using the EveryonePrint Built-in conversion engine, the risk associated with potentially harmful Word documents is minimal. Conversions occur within a virtual memory space in a Java process, which means that even if a document attempts actions that could cause issues, any 'crashes' would be confined to the memory space, causing no harm.