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Equitrac: Kofax Control Suite Equitrac V 6.0 Support

How to Ensure EveryonePrint and Equitrac V 6.0 Work Together


  1. Does EveryonePrint Mobileprint support Equitrac V 6.0?
  2. Does EveryonePrint 4.3 (latest build) support Control Suite 1.1? The system is currently connected to an old Equitrac system and is functioning well. Will it continue to work once the old Equitrac system is upgraded to Control Suite 1.1?
  3. I am installing Everyone print to integrate with Kofax Control Suite Equitrac V 6.0. What would be the necessary steps?

The EveryonePrint Equitrac integration guide mentions that the Equitrac system manager needs to be installed on the EveryonePrint server; with Equitrac version 6, there is no system manager as such. Control suite uses a web client for the configuration.

Is there a test process for the above?


  1. Yes, EveryonePrint Mobileprint supports Kofax Control Suite Equitrac V 6.0
  2. The only scenario where a connection will not be established is if you have configured a connection to Equitrac via the API. Traditionally, we connect to Equitrac through the Database. However, you can verify this by navigating to the EveryonePrint Admin portal, selecting 'Settings' --> 'User Authentication', and checking if there is an Equitrac API connection setting listed below the LDAP settings, as illustrated below. 
    If you see this API connection screen, you must switch to a DB connection.
    This is because the API has been removed from Equitrac in Control Suite, so it is no longer usable!

    Full details about this setup are available in the Integration manual.

  3. To use EveryonePrint MobilePrint with Equitrac V 6.0, you still need to install the necessary utilities for the integration.

    This is done from the Kofax Control Suite installation assistant where you can select the options.  Once you do that, you will find the Equitrac components with the "Equitrac Configuration and Reporting Utilities."