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Equitrac: Remote/Local Downlevel Document

How to Differentiate and Manage 'Remote Downlevel Document' and 'Local Downlevel Document' in Equitrac Print Queues

EveryonePrint has been successfully integrated with Equitrac to enable Mobile Printing, as detailed in the EveryonePrint Integration with Equitrac Guide.


Print jobs received in the Equitrac print queue are named either "Remote Downlevel Document" or "Local Downlevel Document".


  1. Verify that Equitrac has not been setup to hide document name in Windows printer window: option selected under System Manager > Configuration > Printing > DRE/DRC and Follow-You Printing.
  2. This behavior has also been reported when using Xerox GPD and 'resolved by changing the driver from a GPD to a Pull print'.